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Film/Video Transfer and Digitize

Digitize videos with ease using our video transfer service. We work with many video formats including VHS tapes, VHS-C, Mini-DV, Hi8, Digital 8, Betamax, and PAL.


 Simply send your old home movies and we will take care of the rest. You’ll receive your newly digitized memories on the digital format of your choosing (thumb drive, DVD) 

Transfer  to

$19.99 up to 2 hrs run time.


Can combine two tapes if combined run time is less than 2 hrs

Only (VHS, VHS-C, Mini Dv, Hi8, and Regular 8) can be combined.

Transfer to

30 Min or Less Transferred


30-60 Min Transferred


1-2 Hours Transferred


(No option to combine tapes)

VHS - VHSC - Regular 8 - Hi8 -MiniDV

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