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 If you’re looking for professional staff with years of photographic experience, Valley Photo Service has you covered.
Stop by our Store Mon-Sat 10:30 am - 5:00 pm,
or contact us online.

Print with Valley Photo Service 

Photo Printing, Film Develop, Disposable Camera

Film Development

Ilford HP5 Black and White Film 120mm
Kodak Gold 400 35mm Film
Scan and print - Digital photos - North Hollywood

scan and print

Digitizing slides and old photos
Valley Images - Memory Cards - Printing

Print From Digital

printing from mobile device
Camera Store in the valley
Printing from digital
Printing near north hollywood
Passport Photo Near me
We’re proud to provide community members with top-notch photo printing services. Our clients love working with us, printing from digital, film, and printed media. Get in touch to let us know what we can do for you today.
Portra 35mm - Porta 400 - Fujifilm - Kodak film 35mm and 120mm
Film Sales, 35mm Film strip, film developing

WE Develop
ALL Film Types  

International Passport Photo - Visa Passport Photo
Passport Photo North Hollywood

In-Store, While you wait.

Passport Photos

Passport Photo Photographer

In Store, while you wait.

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Video Transfer to Digital North Hollywood
Customer satisfaction is essential to our team at Valley Photo Service. We are here to handle all of your photographic and media needs.
Follow the links below to access our services. 


Digitize videos with ease using our video transfer service. We work with many video formats including VHS tapes, VHS-C, Mini-DV, Hi8, Digital 8, MicroMV, Betamax, and PAL. Simply send your old home movies and we will take care of the rest. You’ll receive your newly digitized memories back on the digital format of your choosing (thumb drive, the cloud, or DVD)

video transfer to digital in northhollywood
Photo Restoration, Damaged Photo Repair


Our Photo Restoration Service gives your damaged images a second life by removing scratches, restoring torn pieces, improving brightness, removing the traces of age and damage, enlarging pictures, and doing other necessary manipulations. Professional retouchers armed with advanced restoration tools will digitize your old images and work on the received copies.

Film Equipment and 35mm Film and Digital Cameras

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